About the Fluffyfort

Our Mission

At the Fluffyfort, we strive to guide every person, young and old, to creatively build their blocks of thoughts and solve their puzzles of emotions so they may navigate life with the toughest minds and the gentlest hearts.   


Our Philosophy

Everyone needs a safe space to process their thoughts and emotions.  

Our Team

We, the tall and the small, found ourselves reunited in times of trouble. Both trapped in the confines of our separate homes in the Philippines during the COVID-19 pandemic, we birthed this passion project in response to the question, “What will become of the children who have gone through this difficult time?”

Friends from childhood and known to have creative and imaginative minds, there were no barricades to stop our thoughts from soaring and our hearts from reaching out beyond the corners of our tiny homes. 

What started as handmade booklets using crayons and stapled pieces of colored paper, turned into several days of rapid brainstorming and prototyping to bring you The Fluffyfort and the first set of journals. 


Leana Profile


My name is Leana Go. I am a single mother, a  teacher, and a thespian. I’m known to have quite a loud, commanding voice—most probably to compensate for my tiny frame and deceivingly innocent looks. I, together with my team, pioneered a one-of-a-kind mobile school called Toddler House. This new system allows us to bring our classrooms to the homes of our students and create a personalized learning environment to ease each child’s transition to preschool. I am extremely passionate about igniting the young minds’ curiosity (or re-igniting wonder for the older kids) and making sure they invibe a lifelong love for learning.

You can find me on social media at @rainbowstrings or ask me about our mobile school by emailing me here.

Erin Canoy Profile


My name is Erin Canoy. I am a designer, illustrator, cyclist, and plant parent. I'm an introvert that doesn’t mind being a wallflower even if my height always makes me stick out. My partner and I run a tight team of talented creatives at Makesaint Design, a branding and graphic design studio working on building brands that help create meaningful connections and solutions. I am also an online educator at the Academy of Art University and self-proclaimed Mary Poppins and private art teacher to my nieces and nephews.

You can find me on social media at @ekcanoy and @makesaintdesign