Using the Journals


We are living through history with this COVID-19 pandemic happening around the world. During trying times, children are always compounded by incessant thoughts and emotions that are difficult to make sense of. We see thoughts as building blocks often put together to create something exceptional, but can easily crumble when not aligned properly. Emotions, on the other hand, are like puzzles waiting to be solved—hoping to see a bigger picture, but can be taxing to decipher when done without any needed guidance. 

The Fluffyfort was created with this exactly in mind, to help your child navigate their many thoughts and make sense of their emotions. It is aimed at helping them cope with the significant changes in today’s society. 

We were all once kids too! Feel free to create your own journal as well. Filling up your own journal is an opportunity to revisit that child-like eagerness to tell a story. Be as creative as you want and re-ignite that sense of wonder and amusement as you cover each page with your own thoughts and emotions. As adults, don’t we want to revisit our pillow forts and just feel that nostalgic comfort where our imagination runs the course? This is designed for you too!



Colored PDF
The colored digital file is meant to be used on your tablet or mobile device. This can be accessed using apps with PDF readers that have a markup or comment function. Some suggested apps that you can use are:
Apple Devices
    • Books (use the markup feature)
    • Adobe Acrobat (use the comment feature)
    • GoodNotes
    • Notability
Android Devices
    • Adobe Acrobat (use the comment feature)
    • PDFelement
    • Xodo

Black-and-white Printable sheets
These 8.5"x11" or letterhead printable sheets are formatted and organized to fold into a book once printed and stapled together. The download comes with a set of instructions so that you know the order of the sheets and how they fold together. See an example below:

Printing instructions